Letters from our  customers.

Hi Amy,                                
  We wanted to thank you again for our boy!!! Archie has  been such a blessing! We have enjoyed every minute that he has been with us. He is happy and healthy. At 12 weeks old he weighs 5.2 pounds. 

 Again, Thank you!!!!
 David & Kari


I wanted to let you know how happy we are with your puppies!  Both our daughters enjoyed the long ride down to pick out family.  It was so worth the drive!!  Our little black and cream girl, Roxy, will be a year in January.  She is so loving, playful and BEAUTIFUL!  I love to hear them playing together and their running little feet sound like a miniature herd on the deck.  Milo, our little stud muffin is so muscular and funny  He is 8 months old and they tag team everything they do.  They have brought so many laughs into our life and they don't miss a thing!  Thank you for having such beautiful and healthy little doxys.  We couldn't be happier.  I think of you often and hope your family is a blessed as we are by our lil short legged buddies. 

Mary, Sammi and Lisa


   My name is Sean, back in December of 2009 we bought a small little red wine wire hair Dachshund from you. He was named Rusty then and his parents were Rocky and Lil Emma. He was older than the rest of the other puppies and had a sister with matching color. He is named Banner now and we love him. He has blessed our little home for the last (almost) 5 years. He's a great dog; expressive, loving, he rarely barks, loves to play fetch and you will most likely find him laying on the floor where ever the sun is. I just wanted to email you and send you a photo of our little family member that you let into our lives:) Thank you. 
Sean & Banner


Hi Amy,
We got Nellie from you about one year ago.  Just wanted to show you what an athlete she is!  She has two first place ribbons in wiener dog races.  This photo is from Oaks Park Oktoberfest.  You may recall she was born with a hernia which we had repaired when she was just little.  She has become the love of our lives, and everyone thinks she is beautiful. 
Thank you so much for her,


Hi Amy - Thought I would send along this photo of Charlie on his second birthday. He is a sweet and loyal boy. Take Care, Julie


Amy, just thought I would share some pics with you of our precious babies. We. Are so happy we have Danni with baby Zoey. She is the perfect Nanny and they make us laugh everyday. Charlie the cat loves them too. We could not be happier!

Thank you!
Audrey and John 


Hi Amy,
Just a quick note to tell you how much we are enjoying our funny, lovable, and somewhat unpredictable pooch. He turned a year old in May and is the light of our lives. We are currently enjoying a little vacation on Hood Canal where we rented a pet friendly cabin for a few days' R and R. I'm attaching a picture of Guinness. Good pictures if him are hard to come by. He doesn't like sitting for the camera!

Sue Banks

Hey Amy
Gage has been making himself at home, and has been an absolute joy. You were right-he definitely has a personality bigger than himself!! Here are a few shots of him to keep you guys updated.
Thanks again!


Hey Amy here are some pictures from my first month with London. She is at 6lbs now! I can't believe how fast she is growing!

Hope you had a fantastic 4th

Rachel and London


I am sending pics of Simon (almost 9yrs) and Sadie (19 mos).  They are the best and sweetest dogs!!   In 6 mos or so we will be interested in another puppy and would really like another wirehair female. We want to get Sadie out of the kennel before we get another one and that will probably be in at least 6 mos.  Keep us in mind and I will watch the website!

Doug and Charlotte 

Hi Amy,
At the end of June last year we purchased a longhair chocolate dapple puppy from you.  I just wanted to let you know how he's doing. 
We named him Chewbacca but call him Chewie. To say we love him would be an understatement! He has the sweetest, goofiest personality (with a slight stubborn streak). He's very much a people dog - loves interacting with kids.  We couldn't be happier that he has joined our family.
Over the year we have run into a few people who have gotten puppies from you and they only had positive things to say about their experiences as well. 
I have attached a photo of Chewie - the one you sent us and what he looks like now, also sitting in his favorite spot. 
Take care and thanks again!


They are definitely lap dogs. They met the cat. All is great. Thank you so much! You have a wonderful family!

Hi Amy, 
  I wanted to send you a picture of our sweet little Sophie.  She is doing awesome and we love her so much!  She has the sweetest personality, she is super smart too.  We've already taught her to sit and she's doing great with potty training.   A friend of mine came over and saw her.  She fell in love and wanted your contact info.  I think she put a deposit down on a strawberry cream female.   Thank you  for such a wonderful puppy! 


Hi Amy,

I just wanted to let you know that Skyler is doing well! He and Penny are getting along well, in fact they were playing by the end of the night last night.  They started playing tug of war, but Penny let Skyler win.

He is so playful, his personality is way different than Penny's when we got her. He is much more outgoing, especially when it comes to snuggles and kisses. 

We took him to the vet and he is a whopping 3lbs 5oz.  The vet said he was perfectly healthy for a little boy.

Thank you so much for raising him well and being patient with us :) we can tell he is well socialized with dogs and people-- he already responds to his name, and knows what "no" means.  He is a wonderful little pup, and fitting right in with the family.  We'll keep in touch over the years to let you know how they are doing! Thank you again!

Marilyn, Alex & Penny

P.S. Here's a picture of Skyler with his mini-me from this afternoon

Hi Amy,                                6-3-14
  We wanted to thank you again for our boy!!! Archie has  been such a blessing! We have enjoyed every minute that he has been with us. He is happy and healthy. At 12 weeks old he weighs 5.2 pounds. 

 Again, Thank you!!!!
 David & Kari


We are so happy with Piper. She has the best disposition and personality ever. She traveled all the way home without a single protest. Every time we take her out she goes to the bathroom as soon as her little feet touch the grass. She has not made a single deposit in the house.

She is very playful and a bit of a frustration to our older girl, Shasta. We are very happy we added this little girl to our family. All three of our Longdox girls help make our lives better.

Thank you so much for what you do, Mack

Hi Amy,

You probably get tired up hearing from people brag about their new puppy but I must say he is the sweetest little dog (next to Fletcher of course) I have ever owned.  He has adjusted fast to his new surroundings and potty training is much easier than I remember, or perhaps I just don't care about the few accidents!!!.  While he did not receive the warmest of receptions from the other hounds they are all coming around.  He has been quite a treat and I look forward to having two puppies on January!

Happy Holiday to you and your family and thank you for ensuring a quality line of Doxies in the Willamette Valley......


Niles is a healthy 2.9 lbs! Sweetest dog in the world. 


Hey Amy, Just wanted to thank you so much for my sweet little English Cream! I love him so much. I decided to name him Oliver. He is very loyal, smart, and funny. Oliver has brought so much joy to my family and I, and is growing up so fast! He's 11 weeks old now and each day gets better and better. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. I know I've found a best friend for life! Thank you again!

Ashley (a very blessed dachshund owner) :-)

Hi Amy!

I wanted to let you know that the gorgeous dapple Doxie with one blue eye and one brown eye that I picked up from you on 12/6 passed his STAR puppy test!  I named him Brigadier and he is one his way to becoming a therapy dog due to his kind nature and because his trainer said he didn't have a choice.  He is the sweetest, kindest, most amazing dog and I wanted to share his success with you.

Hi Amy,
   We just wanted to Thank You for raising us and taking care of us when we needed you most. Our Moms did a good job and without you, we wouldn't be the same loving and healthy puppies that we have become. 
Furthermore, Thank you for placing us with our wonderful Mom, Dad, and Jessy. They are taking great care of us and teaching us the life skills we need to survive in the Puppy world.
Thank for all you do
            Ollie & Lilly 


Hi Amy,

I just wanted to give you some news of my English Cream TOBY. 

Now, one month he brings me joy every day. :)
I love him so much!!! He have a beautiful personality. He is very playful, smart and sweet.
I teached him some tricks (sit down, lie down, high five, roll over, u-turn, jump, come).
I'm having a lot of fun with him ..he is really funny!! :)
I like to make pictures of him. He is so cute!

After we picked him up, we went to the beach (Lincoln City). He was happy to run in the sand. 
Also, Toby did it very well in the hotel and the plane. He slept with his little monkey during flight and woke up in Canada. 
He makes customs officers smile at the airport. ;)

My mini doxie is very healthy. He receives all vaccines and parasite protection. 

Thank you so much Amy for this great dog!! 

     Thought we would let you know how happy we are with our little Hazel. She is such a special little puppy, so kind, smart, and sweet. Everywhere she goes everyone comments on how pretty, and how wonderful she is. Thank you again for such a wonderful little girl, she truly completes our little family ❤️


Hi Amy! 
I just wanted to send you updated pictures of my Jakey Poo! He's so beautiful and everything I was looking for. Thank you so much! 
Amanda Guzman

Hello Amy,
Just wanted to send a quick note and let you know how our Dazzle is doing! 
He is turning into a handsome little man, and he knows it! 
We are in love with him 
He loves to chase the kids and cat around the house, and play wrestle mania with our other Dachshund Olive. 
We took him to the beach for the first time, and he loved digging in the sand and chasing after seagulls! 
Anyhow, I hope you are having a great summer... Thanks again for our Dazzle! 


Sharon Jones, from Bend
I can't say enough wonderful things about our Bailey! She IS PERFECT!!! She is so much fun, she plays with all her siblings ALL day long! She tries everything! She is NOT afraid of anything!! She is so crazy cute! And beautiful! We adore her!  
Thank you Amy!

Hi Amy,

This is Barb Wilson. Just wanted to let you know that Vixie is doing well. She's about 7 1/2 months old and almost 9 pounds. She is a very sweet pup with a big personality. She keeps her Lab sister on her toes! She keeps us busy but we sure enjoy having her!

Riley's little leg healed. It actually was not fractured as originally thought, just a bad sprain. So far so good he is a very active young man. He has ramps for the couches and ramps for both sets of stairs which he runs up and down most of the day. He is such a gentle dog. Today he was feeling regal so I snapped his picture. 
Judy Heitzman

I wanted to send you a picture of Lovey and Finneys baby. She will be 2 next month! This is a picture painted on canvas using just fingers! She was having a bad hair day when I took this picture and I gave it to the guy to paint it on the canvas.7-23-17

Thanks Brenda 

Hi,                                                                                                                             4-14-18
  Just a heads up Wazza is in great health she has her vet check yesterday. The Vet mentioned she is very impressed with you as her breeder. She said you did a great job on keeping up with her worms and was extremely impressed by the open farm food you give to the pups!
And if you'd like to see pics of her @wazzatheween on Instagram 


Hey I purchased an ee English Cream Dachshund from you a year ago and wanted to let you know that I’m very much so enjoying the dog. she has a very good temper and a huge personality. Her fur has become even softer as she aged. she’s topped out at 7.9 lb. For sure going to write a positive review on your website. Thank you so much for an awesome purchasing experience as well. 
Hi Amy!                                      1-13-2019

Just wanted to show you how the pup is doing. His name is Chester and he’s much loved by my husband, myself, and out other dogs! Thank you Amy for EVERYTHING! Chester is exactly what my husband needed- I hadn’t seen him happy like he is now in a few months! Thank you!!!                                                    


 I am so pleased with her! Even my sister who is a cat person is blown away. We think she’s the best. She hasn’t even potties in the house. 
I named her Gala.