This contract and bill of sale was provided by *  Longdox Mini Dachshunds*

        This is to certify the sale of one Dachshund on                                 To:

For the sum of                         .

Name of dog: _________________________
Date Whelped: ________________________             Color: ______________
Place of Birth:  Breeders Home                                    Sex:     ______________
Sire:                                                                              AKC#   ______________
Dam:                                                                             AKC # ______________
Breeder's name:     Amy Lee
Breeder's address:  503 -507-4257


Longdox Kennels goes to great lengths to produce healthy sound puppies. Puppies bred at Longdox carry a two year guarantee against any genetic health defects.  It is impossible to predict that every animal produced at Longdox will be free of all health problems that is why we offer this guarantee.

We guarantee this puppy is in good health, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of sale. To keep this warranty valid, the dog must be examined by a licensed vet within 72 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday) of receipt of the puppy. If the vet finds dog to be genetically imperfect or have severe health problems, this dog must be returned immediately to the breeder, (within 48 hours) accompanied by a certificate statement from the vet for replacement. If a replacement puppy is not available at the time of return, one will be made available as soon as reasonable. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS! All veterinary expenses are the responsibility of the BUYER. Said Puppy is guaranteed against genetic defects for up to (2) two years and will be replaced with puppy of equal value when available.

No guarantee is made as to disposition, conformation, or breeding ability. It is impossible to accurately determine the EXACT adult size of any puppy therefore; we cannot give any size guarantee. Size estimate is based on the size of the parents. BREEDER makes no guarantees, or warranties regarding the puppy’s size.

Common parasites, fleas, ticks, worms, mites, COCCIDIA, GIARDIA etc. are not cause for replacement as they are not genetic problems. The breeder will NOT pay associated vet bills that may occur from any of these things regardless if puppy had any of these things at the time of purchase and possession. Longdox makes every effort to make sure that your puppy is healthy and free of parasites. Many of these things are a result of stress with going to a new home and do occur when puppy has otherwise been healthy at breeders. Most all puppies have worms and you should not be surprised it your puppy does have them. Although we worm on a regular schedule every two weeks as the vet recommends we can't guarantee that your puppy will be free of all worms when you get it.  We do not guarantee size or color. We do not guarantee you will be able to show the dog. We do not guarantee this dog will be breeding quality. No cash refund will be given under any circumstances; only replacement puppies will be given.

The buyer has read and understands, and has signed this guarantee. If the buyer decides he or she can not keep this puppy for any reason the puppy will be returned to Longdox. This puppy will never be sold to breeder or puppy mill.

If within a 2 year period, should this dog come down with any genetic disease, a replacement puppy will be given when available, as long as Longdox is still breeding. This dog is pet quality and the breeders do no claim it show quality. This dog been wormed and has received the proper immunizations.

I have read, understand, and agree to these terms and limitations. I consider this to be a legally binding Document. Possession of puppy by it’s new owner  implies agreement with this contract.

O This dog is sold with                                       registration.

O Today’s date: ¬---------------------------------------------------                                                                                        

O Buyer’s printed name:  ______________________

O Buyer’s signature: ___________________________

O Amy Doster, seller: __________________________

O Genetic Guarantee Ending Date: