Here is where we showcase the beautiful ladies of Longdox. None of these females are for sale unless otherwise stated.
Longdox Ladies

Longdox Mini Dachshunds
Where doxie dreams really do come true

Sugar is a longhair isabella based red dapple. She has a very good disposition and we love her noble face. 9 pounds
Storm is one of our sweetest girls, she's a black and tan dapple. When she has puppies she could have creams, blues, chocolates and isabella. 10 pounds
Hilda is a smooth chocolate and tan dapple, she's a very sweet dog and loves everyone, especially her puppies. Pedigree
Diamond is a longhair shaded red dapple girl. She's absolutely a love!!! 10 pounds
Little Lorali, a longhair sweet red.
Diva is a gorgeous dapple girl!